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A CBT, compulsory basic training motorcycle rider training course must be completed by all new licence holders before riding a moped or motorcycle on the road. We conduct CBT courses in Leicester, 7 days a week at various locations, addresses and course structure are shown below. This training course is normally completed in one day, although this is not guaranteed. On successful completion a certificate will be issued. This is a legal document and should be kept safe. If you lose the certificate a replacement can be issued at a cost. A £50 deposit is required to secure a date.

Course fees include training, bike hire, insurance, fuel, helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproofs and certification. All you are required to bring on the day is your driving licence. Ideally wear warm clothing, jeans or heavy cotton trousers and some type of light boot to give ankle protection and support.


Compulsory Basic Training is conducted over five modules, explained below. Successful completion of a module  allows progression to the next module. On completion of all modules a certificate (DL196) will be issued allowing the rider to ride unaccompanied on L plates either a moped, if 16yrs old or up to a 125cc 11kw motorcycle if over 17 yrs old. This course is designed for the novice rider with no previous riding experience.

Prior to starting the course your instructor will check your driving licence and eyesight. Your instructor will make the course enjoyable as well as informative and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have during the day.

Module 1  -  Introduction to the CBT and course content. A discussion about the legal and appropriate safety equipment and clothing required/available for use when riding a moped or motorcycle. This allows a rider to make an informed choice in their selection.

Module 2 – Familiarisation of the motorcycle/moped being used for the CBT course. This will include location and use of different controls, manual handling, use of stands and basic vehicle safety checks.

Module 3 – Learning to ride the motorcycle/moped in a controlled environment. Various riding exercises are conducted to ensure a rider has balance and control at various speeds, is familiar with braking and gearing techniques and understands the importance of observations and procedures required to stay safe on public  highways.

Module 4 – A discussion about riding on the road. Various topics are covered including legal requirements, vunerability, conspicuity, planning, anticipation, riding according to road and traffic conditions among others.

Module 5 – A road ride. A brief will be given about use of radios and what is expected of the rider on the road. The road ride will include riding on a variety of roads allowing the rider to deal with junctions, roundabouts, bends, traffic lights, crossings and gradients in different traffic volumes and speed limits. This ride will be for a minimum of 2 hours and an emergency stop and turn in the road will be conducted at some point. The instructor may use the time to lead and demonstrate, follow and instruct or stop to show/discuss specific topics depending on the riders ability and experience.

CBT Site 1

Herrick Primary School
Lockerbie Avenue
Leicester LE4 7NJ

CBT Site 2

Elizabeth Park Sports & Community Centre
Checkland Road